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Corner Sofa vs Regular Sofa: Who Wins?

Buying a sofa is an investment you need to think carefully about. And with so many sofa styles to choose from, i.e., chaise, corner sofas, two-seaters, three-seaters, etc., it can feel overwhelming trying to pick the right one.

Both sectional and regular sofas come in a variety of shapes, styles, fabrics, and sizes – which is great, but it doesn’t make your decision any easier. Here, we take a closer look at the two most popular sofa styles and compare the pros and cons of corner sofas versus regular sofas.

As sofa experts, our team at AH Blind have detailed three characteristics you’ll want to look for when choosing your sofa. You’ll want your sofa to be practical, provide comfort, and boast great entertainment options. Here we will discuss who takes the crown for each of these characteristics, the corner sofa or the regular sofa.

For Practicality:

Winner: The Corner Sofa.

It’s not so much that regular sofas are ‘impractical’, it’s just that corner sofas are so much more practical.

Corner sofas are made to maximise every single inch in your living room, they allow you to position the long and short sides whichever way best fits your room’s shape and size the best. You could even opt to have a corner sofa with an armless end to really capitalise your space.

For those lucky enough to have a larger living room, sectional sofas allow you to perfectly fill the room and create different zones within a larger empty area removing any possibility of your sofa looking empty.

Corner sofas are also highly practical if you have a small or narrow living room. Corner sofas are compact, and can fit up to 5-7 people comfortably, whilst still maximising space.

This simply isn’t possible with regular sofas, to have that many seating positions you would need to purchase several regular sofas, in which you will end up playing Tetris trying to fit them all in. You’ll also end up sending more as you will need to splurge on additional furniture pieces to accommodate the rest of your guests. With a corner sofa, this is never a problem, one piece of furniture offers your living room everything it needs.


For Comfort: 

Winner: The Corner Sofa

This category has a clear winner. Corner sofas are literally made for lounging!

Thanks to their long sides, you and your family will have the ability to stretch out along either side of your sofa. And thanks to their deep cushioned seats, after a long, hard day of work, you will effortlessly sink into your couch.

Don’t get us wrong regular sofas can be comfy. But with a corner sofa you will be completely snug as the separate cushions will hug each individual person’s shape resulting in the ultimate relaxation and comfort.

The only downside of a corner sofa? The whole family will be fighting over the corner seat, with high sides and comfy cushions cuddling you in the corner seat is hard to resist. But don’t worry every other seat is just as comfortable.


For Entertaining: 

Winner: The Corner Sofa

The corner sofas has to win here.

Its unique layout promotes socialization and interaction. Since everyone will be facing one another even while seated, the corner sofa makes it simple for people to communicate, adding to the fun of family time.

With a corner sofa, you also never have to worry about guests being left without a seat, thanks to the number of seats the sofa offers. With a regular sofa, you’re likely only going to sit up to three guests– cue the awkward scramble to bring in the dining room chairs.

Oh, and corner sofas get a bonus point, as they are perfect for guests to sleep on. You can fit up to three guests on each chaise (depending on the type of corner sofa – and the guests of course).


Corner sofas are increasing in popularity every single day – and we can see why. Browse our range of elegant corner sofas today and reek at the benefits of this modern sectional piece.




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